The story behind the name

I am an avid crafter but I don’t have one single craft that I love the most.  I knit, crochet, make jewelry, sew.  So I wanted to create a store name that didn’t box me in to one type of craft.  I thought of the word “typecast” and how it means the same type.  With “typecraft” I wanted to convey the message that I create more than one type of craft.  Hence, the tag line “all types of crafts.”

Typecraft, the shop, is currently under construction and is set to debut in fall 2009.

Many thanks to the wonderful Susan Cegarra who is currently designing the logo for my new shop.  Check out her website if you want a logo, ad or website designed.  She is a fantastic designer.

1 Comments on “The story behind the name”

  1. how sweet Jenn! thanks for the referral, I will have your banner ready tomorrow, really liked the colors you chose and all the stories you shared. However, when I read “typecraft” I can’t help but to associate it with “witchcraft” 🙂
    best of luck to you!

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