The First Half of my Book

I am currently working on a new draft of a young adult novel, Sissy, I wrote back in college.  I started the story when I was 19 in a NYU short story class.  11 years ago, my roommate at the time was getting bizarre prank phone calls where a guy would confess strange secrets with her, including, “She used to call me sissy.”   I loved that as an opening line.  I combined that bit of dialogue with a person I knew in my dramatic writing classes—shy to the point of nonexistence.  This guy and this bit of dialogue started Sissy.

I submitted it to the Delacorte Young Adult novel contest and was contacted by an associate editor to work on a rewrite for possible publication.  I was 23, and way too overzealous and only spent 2 weeks or so on the rewrite.  The manuscript went nowhere.

But it was a big lesson learned.  I learned to be more patient as a writer and edit my work better.

11 years later, I signed with a wonderful literary agent a day before my birthday.  Michelle Andelman of Lynn C. Franklin Associates.

The first half of the book has been rewritten and I’ve been loving the process every step of the way.

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