Handmade Galleries Rocks

Having just moved to the Valley (from a Jersey girl to a Valley girl!), I’ve been exploring the neighborhood with the hubby.  Hanging out in Sherman Oaks we found a great shopping place called Handmade Galleries.  It’s so cool.  Crafty and artsy vendors have booths in the store selling their wares.  Like a live Etsy.

I spent an hour wandering and bought a great necklace from Teri Lee Jewelry.  I think it’s super cute and it’s nice to have the word “love” around my neck to remind me that I have a lot of love in my life.

love necklace 


Links: Handmade Galleries, Teri Lee Jewelry

8 Comments on “Handmade Galleries Rocks

  1. That really was a great collection of craftsters at Handmade Galleries. Don’t forget the other highlights:

    – the collection of 80’s Rock Cassettes canvas
    – the Twilight sock monkey
    – free hard candies

    • You’re right, there were awesome highlights. Original art and supporting artists who are making handmade goods. Doesn’t get better than that.

  2. Just a thank you for all the love for Handmade! We do our best to give you a wonderful shopping experience.
    Many blessings to you all!

    • Of course! I love supporting shops like Handmade Galleries or Esty. Any place that creative people can showcase their work whether online or in a store is fantastic.

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