Mind Over Manners

Today I interviewed Deborah King, an etiquette expert, for an article I’m writing for a national magazine.  This is what I’ve learned about place settings:

  • Right = 5 letters.  Knife, spoon, drink, and glass are 5 letter words.
  • Left = 4 letters. Fork and roll are 4 letter words.
  • Don’t move the bread plate.  Leave it where it is.
  • Think BMW.  Bread, meal, water.

I’m pulling the article together tonight to turn in on Wednesday, July 15th.  Let the writing gods give me grace under fire.

Links:  Deborah King

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2 Comments on “Mind Over Manners”

  1. Cool tips. I can’t wait to read the rest of your article. And what a wonderful title for your blog post!

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