Interview set with Nigel Barker, ANTM Judge & Photographer

As the features editor of Rangefinder magazine, I get invited to different photography events.  A few months ago, I went to Nigel Barker’s photography exhibit in Los Angeles that featured his work, A Sealed Fate, images of baby seals in Canada.  Beautiful work and Nigel is bringing awareness to the fact that baby seals are still hunted for their fur.  Very sad.

I got to meet him briefly and spoke to Ali, his PR manager, and set up an interview at the end of July to talk to him about his work, specifically A Sealed Fate.  I’m so excited to speak to him and learn more about his photography and charities.  And as a fan of America’s Next Top Model, I can’t help but be even more excited.

Links: A Sealed Fate in LARangefinder magazineNigel Barker

1 Comments on “Interview set with Nigel Barker, ANTM Judge & Photographer”

  1. Wow, he’s the best looking judge on that show too! How exciting!! And, it’s so cool that there’s more to him than ANTM.

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