A Day in the ‘Dena


Beautiful cherry blossoms at the Huntington Botanical Gardens in Pasadena, CA.

Beautiful cherry blossoms at the Huntington Botanical Gardens in Pasadena, CA.

I wrote an article in the spring for VegNews magazine for their Staycation feature in the July+August 2009 issue that just hit newsstands.  I visited Pasadena, CA and had a blast visiting Alternative Outfitters, a vegan shopping boutique; Ten Thousand Villages, a fair trade nonprofit shop with goods from all over the world; The Soap Kitchen, a handmade soap shop; My Vegan, a Thai restaurant; Orean’s The Health Express, a veggie fast food joint with an amazing Philly “Cheese Steak” and fantastic soy shakes; and the Huntington Botanical Gardens, a beautiful and big botanical garden.  


I am so excited that VegNews used a photo I took of the cherry blossoms at the Huntington Gardens!  As a photography magazine features editor, it feels great to have one of my images in a magazine.  Especially landing in a 2009 Maggie award winner for Best Lifestyle Magazine (Go VegNews!).  Can’t do much better than that!


I had a great time in Pasadena.  What a lovely city.  I highly recommend anyone visiting LA to go there.  I need to go back.  I need more of that Philly “Cheese Steak.”

A special thanks to all the veggie businesses I spoke to who had a moment to share about their work.


Links: VegNews, Alternative Outfitters, Ten Thousand Villages, The Soap Kitchen, My Vegan, Huntington Botanical Gardens

5 Comments on “A Day in the ‘Dena

  1. Way to go! It’s a great article and a great photo. And Orean’s does have a great cheese not-steak. My favorite Pasadena food, however, remains the Thai Arnold Palmer.

  2. wow jenn! that’s so awesome!! sounds like a great area. someday when i make it out to visit we’ll have to take a road trip to pasadena! ps. there’s a ten thousand villages in red bank too!

    • It is a great area. You’d love it! And you can’t go wrong with a vegan soy shake. Where is the Ten Thousand Villages in Red Bank? I miss Red Bank. How is the old place? How is Strollo’s? And please visit!

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