Handmade Japanese Notebooks

I just read my friend David’s blog post about these handmade Japanese notebooks I made for him.  I had forgotten all about them!  David and I became friends after working together in NYC.  One of our bosses used to get these great gifts from Japan, including this wonderful Japanese calendar.  It was truly too cute for words.  We saved each month and I turned the calendar pages into covers for notebooks for him.  I think I still owe him a few more notebooks.  Sorry David!  

As I’m diligently working on rewrite #3 of pages 1-50 of Sissy (yes, I’ve rewritten the beginning 3 times now), I’m trying to remember that I love the craft of writing, even during the times when I want my Mac laptop to type out the rest of the pages for me.  So thanks, David, for the inspiration of Japanese notebooks to kick myself into gear to finish the rest of those pages.

Here’s a little except from his blog A Life’s Work, also the name of the documentary he’s working on:

This notebook was made by my friend Jenn Chen, a talented writer who loves her crafts.  The front and back cover was  taken from a page from a Japanese calendar (Jenn and I share a love for things Japanese and Prince). A Life’s Work is very much about the long haul and starting small and growing big–how fitting that on the back cover there is, in the middle of the dates of the month, two acorns.


Links:  A Life’s Work

4 Comments on “Handmade Japanese Notebooks

  1. I’m not going to say, “Nah, you don’t owe me any notebooks,” because I’d like nothing more than a few more of these.

    Now get to work on those pages!

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