Interviewing Nigel Barker

Today I spoke with Nigel Barker, photographer and America’s Next Top Model judge, about his photography exhibit, A Sealed Fate, photographs of baby harp seals who are still hunted in Canada.  I was a bit nervous before we chatted but once we started talking, I was completely comfortable.  He was really nice and passionate about photography.  Here are some highlights from our talk:

  • As a kid, Nigel marched in a protest in England against killing seals for their fur
  • When photographing the baby seals, he said some of them came right up to him.
  • He used the same equipment to photograph the seals as he does with fashion models.
  • Before he opened his official studio in 1988, he used his New York studio apartment as a photography studio by day and his home at night.  Every day, he would move his furniture around and cover it with a backdrop to make it look like a professional photography studio and at night, he would rearrange it live in it.

What was clear to me is how passionate he is about photography and using his celebrity status to make a difference.  And that is refreshing to know.

Links:  Nigel Barker, A Sealed Fate

2 Comments on “Interviewing Nigel Barker

  1. Glad the interview went well and that you won’t be leaving me for Mr. Barker. When and where can we all read the final article?

    • Nigel Barker is happily married and so am I. I think the article will run in the December 2009 issue of Rangefinder but I have to write it first! Actually, transcribe it first. My least favorite activity. Can writer monkeys do transcription?

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