Excerpt from my Nigel Barker Interview

Tonight, I taught myself how to use Apple’s GarageBand to make a podcast and turn it into an MP3. Really cool stuff. At first, it took me awhile to get a hang of how to use the program (a lot of trial & error), but like all Apple programs, it’s pretty self-explanatory, and there are online videos to show you how to get started.  I must profess, learning techie things and figuring out how to use new software fascinates me, and that makes me a geek.

My first audio file on my blog is an 3-minute-plus excerpt of my 40-minute interview with Nigel Barker, photographer and judge on America’s Next Top Model (ANTM). Here Nigel is discussing his recent photo exhibit, A Sealed Fate, a journey to document the seal hunt in Canada as well as talking about how ANTM has helped him as a photographer. I picked these particular sections to show how dedicated Nigel is to documenting the seals and hard it was to photograph in the freezing cold, 35 miles off the coast of Canada, as well as what ANTM affords him as a photographer.  

Listen to the MP3 file here using QuickTime player or other audio program:  
Excerpt of my Nigel Barker interview for Rangefinder magazine

Here’s a portion of the interview that’s not in the recorded excerpt.  I asked Nigel what his dream assignment was and here’s his answer from my transcribed interview:  To be honest, I have my dream assignment.  I’m doing my dream assignment every day.  I have a job that most people would be lucky to call a hobby.  I’m passionate about it and get to travel the world and meet extraordinary people—everyone from presidents to young kids who have big issues.  I’m constantly inspired and it’s constantly a changing landscape for me.  I couldn’t ask for much more.”

Links: Nigel Barker’s Blog, Rangefinder magazine

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