Love for The Moth Podcasts

I was excited to learn from my friend Celena that The Moth got a nice shout out in The New York Times.  The Moth is a nonprofit organization that has open mic nights where storytellers come and tell their best stories.  I started listening to The Moth as a free iTunes podcast and I fell in love.  There are beginning writers, experienced writers and everyone in between telling intimate, personal, often hilarious stories.  I listen to them on my ride home from work (my hour-long commute on the 405) and I often find myself laughing or crying.  I love that everyone has a great story to tell and how writing can transform so many people, no matter who they are.

Here’s what the New York Times had to say:

Since they began in 1997, storytelling nights hosted by the Moth, a nonprofit, have helped aspiring writers try out new material in a nurturing environment. But lately, storytelling has exploded into a thriving genre all its own, a new avenue to prominence for writers and, increasingly, for actors and comedians. In a sense, storytelling has become the new stand-up — a way to be noticed by the literary agents, actors and directors who increasingly populate the audiences.

So check out The Moth podcasts and if you’re a storyteller, do an open mic.

Links: NY Times article on The Moth, The Moth

2 Comments on “Love for The Moth Podcasts

  1. I really need to subscribe to the podcast. Everytime a Moth story appears on This American Life – which is happening more and more – I love it. That Richard Price one about the cops was especially excellent. I need to get a steady stream of ’em. Thanks for reminding me!

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