Korto vs. Daniel Project Runway All-Stars

I love Project Runway and watched the All-Stars Challenge last night.  Now, I love Daniel.  Loved his work in Season 2 but seriously Korto rocked that challenge.  All four of her looks were something I would LOVE to wear.  And she made a dress out of restaurant placemats, a tablecloth, and small rocks from a vase.  Seriously!  I’m really disappointed in Project Runway’s decision.  Korto made pieces that any woman would love to wear and she made a dress out of placemats.  Placemats!  Daniel’s was OK but his restaurant dress looked like bubble wrap stuck on a dress with tires on the front.  

I’m a little worried about Project Runway on Lifetime.  The show’s production is not the same.  This used to be my favorite show but now Top Chef is looking better and better.  But Tim Gunn will always be my favorite mentor.  He’s just the best.


2 Comments on “Korto vs. Daniel Project Runway All-Stars

  1. I’ll go one step further on Daniel’s restaurant dress: it looked like some futuristic female police officer with dynamite strapped around her mid-section. To call it ugly is an insult to ugly. Korto all the way.

    • Hysterical. That’s why you’re the comedy writer. I can’t ditch PR. I’ve been committed since the beginning, but I’m starting to have my doubts.

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