Writing about Picky Eaters


One of my food aversions: brussel sprouts

One of my food aversions: brussel sprouts

Today I got an assignment from a Every Day with Rachael Ray to write about how to help people overcome food aversions.  I’ve been doing research to find some food experts to interview and I found an overwhelming number of articles about helping kids who are picky eaters, but hardly any adults who are picky eaters.  It leads me to believe that we emphasis changing a child’s eating habits, but not an adult’s.  Fascinating.  


Here’s what I found in an article from Psychologytoday.com about adult picky eaters:

The adult picky eater was almost always a choosy child, Pelchat’s research shows. Parents excessively concerned with food—whether positively or negatively—are more likely to have picky eaters, she says. And those who harshly punish non-plate-cleaning children, or, at the other extreme, cater to the child by fixing them exactly what they request, exacerbate the situation.

For full disclosure, I only dislike two food items: brussel sprouts and grapefruit.  I’d be willing to eat brussel sprouts if they were prepared well.  I’ve given grapefruit a chance multiple times and I still hate it.  If I poured sugar over it, I’d be eat it, but that defeats the purpose of fruit.  On Food Networks’ show Food Detectives, they talked about miracle fruit, a berry that if you chew on it before eating something sour, then it will make the sour food taste sweet.  So maybe that would work for me.

So what are your food aversions?  And I already know Brendan is going to write olives (Olives are delish!).

Link:   Article about Adult Picky Eaters


My other food aversion: grapefruit

My other food aversion: grapefruit

5 Comments on “Writing about Picky Eaters

  1. Contact Jill Collela-Bloomfield. She was interviewed for the NYT on a related issue. An adult picky eater who is now a chef and childrens cookbook author. (www.teachkidstocook.com)

    • Thanks so much for the information. My editor and I decided on contacting a molecular biologist who is a frequent guest on Food Network’s Food Detectives, Adam Ruben. He’s also a stand-up comedian so I think he’d be a good fit for the style of Rachael Ray.

  2. I love cheese but for some reason, I LOATHE blue cheese. Maybe it’s because I have an irrational fear of mold. I see mold on food-gone-bad in the fridge and I want to run screaming from the apartment.

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