Sweet Valley High — Diablo-sized?

Back in 6th grade and onwards, I was a huge, huge, huge Sweet Valley High fan.  I saved my allowance to buy books.  For Christmas one year, I was allowed to pick out about ten books (score!).  I hunted books down at my local library, Monmouth County Eastern Branch, often reading the books out of order just to be able to read them for free.  One of my best friends, Celena, and I actually bonded in college over our love of Sweet Valley High, and after discovering this, ran to Barnes & Noble over on Astor Place and re-read some of the books.

So Celena sends me an email (and I read on Mediabistro’s great blog GalleyCat) that Juno-scribe and Oscar winner Diablo Cody is adapting a screenplay version of the series.  How do I feel about that?  I liked Juno.  Probably one of the few people who will admit that.  I never watched the TV series based on the books but I’ll admit I’ll see the movie.  And Diablo better love the series if she’s adapting it.

I wonder if they’ll keep the 80s version where they were size sixes or go to the updated version where the twins are size fours.  Seriously, does this mean a size six is fat?

Where in the series will the screenplay start?  The very beginning?  Towards the middle?  Will it be the version I grew up with or the newly updated “keeping up with the times” version?

Here’s the blurb listed on GalleyCat.

UPDATE: From my Facebook status, a friend pointed me to a great Jezebel.com article that confirms that Diablo is a SVH fan.

And, from the looks of Cody’s Twitter, she knows her subject matter: She recently wrote, “You have no idea how many bitches I took down to do this project. I went ‘full Jessica.’ Believe it.”

And more…

She Tweeted: “Frankie says relax: Sweet Valley High is set in the ’80s. Don’t feel like brokering some deal with T-Mobile to give Enid a Sidekick.” Alright then, bring on the side ponytails and rubber bracelets! [Twitter]

A huge sigh of relief!  Diablo, you have my vote!  The fact that she said she went “full Jessica” gives me confidence that she gets the series 100%.


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The new and old covers of SVH.  I love the old school circle covers.

The new and old covers of SVH. I love the old school circle covers.

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