You Grow Girl!

My vision of my backyard is having a lovely robust garden full of lush vegetables and herbs.  Instead right now, it’s a pile of nothing.  My mom tried to teach me and for about two weeks the garden was growing.  Then the summer came and the 100-degree temps zapped all life out of my garden.  So I’m attempting on a second try, a garden of my own.  I just got a book from a friend called You Grow Girl: The Groundbreaking Guide to Gardening by Gayla Trail.  Fantastic!  I knew this book and I would be a perfect fit once I saw the back cover blurb by Debbie Stoller, editor of Bust and author of my favorite knitting books, Snitch ‘n Bitch.

I just started reading the book tonight and it’s already way easier to understand than most gardening books I’ve looked at.  So here’s to my forays into gardening.  Wish me well!

Links: You Grow Girl


I will grow!

I will grow!

2 Comments on “You Grow Girl!

  1. Good luck! And as a good sign, the backyard no longer has that sad tomato sitting on the ground anymore. That’s a big first step!

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