Quick Tips for Dining Table Etiquette

My article for Every Day with Rachael Ray about dining table etiquette just hit newsstands.  It’s on pg. 142 (with my writing credit on pg. 145) as part of the Get Together holiday season guide in the November 2009 issue. I’m so excited!  I love the magazine and to write for them is a dream come true.  Researching this article was so helpful when I sat down at a friend’s wedding in San Diego.  I knew exactly what were my utensils and which was my water!

I wanted to share some helpful hints that I learned while interviewing etiquette expert Deborah King.  She has a fantastic video online that illustrates a lot of these points visually.  Check it out.

This holiday season, here are some easy to use tips to help you navigate any formal dining table:

  • Think BMW.  Bread, meal, water, that is.  Bread is on your left, meal in the middle, water on the right.
  • With outstretched palms, touch your middle finger to your thumb, and stick your pointer fingers up. Your left hand will form a “b” shape (for bread) and your right hand will form a “d” shape (for drink).
  • Count off. Items on your left are four-letter words: fork and roll. Everything on your right has five letters—knife, spoon, drink, glass.
  • Quickly find your water and wine. The tip of your dinner knife will point to the water glass. The wine glass with a larger bowl is for red; the smaller bowl holds the white.
  • You can count on dessert if a dessert fork and spoon are above your dinner plate—with the head of the spoon facing left and the top of the fork facing right, showing you exactly how you should pick them up.


My article is in the November 2009 issue on pg. 142 at the bottom of the page!

My article is in the November 2009 issue on pg. 142 at the bottom of the page!









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