Free Books!

Serialized DailyLit Site Now Free.

As a former New Yorker who enjoyed reading magazines and books on the subway and who now is regulated to listening to books on CD during my LA commute home to the Valley, I yearn for the old days of plowing through books.  I do envy of that of my New York friends (I’m talking about you, Celena).

I saw on GalleyCat today that a site called Daily Lit is now offering books for free in your email.  Every day you get an excerpt of the book you chose and you read it.  Nothing replaces reading a book in your hands, the feel of the paper, stuffing a bookmark in.  But as a reading-challenged LA driver, this is a nice solution so my brain and vocabulary don’t suffer from TV decay and neglect.

One Comment on “Free Books!

  1. It’s true, Jenn. I do love my books. I was sitting down with some writers the other day and talking books. We were talking everything from Twilight to Alice Sebold to Raymond Carver and one writer was like, “Um, dude, you do anything besides read?” I was like, “Er…”

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