Crafty Holidays!

I love buying handmade goods for many reasons: supporting artists, unique gifts, and checking out what is creative and crafty in the world.  Craft fairs are my Comic-Con (that’s right, Brendan) and as such, I go to craft fairs to buy, learn, and get new ideas.  And maybe buy myself some new jewelry.

My generous friend Susan (except with chocolate) is hosting a Holiday Boutique fundraiser at her house this Sunday and she asked me to sell some of my jewelry.  Half of the proceeds will go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and half of the sale will go to me.  Busy as a bee, I have to craft it up in the next few days like a mad woman.

This weekend I’m hitting Bust’s Craftacular in LA.  They have Craftaculars in New York and London as well.  Love Bust magazine.  Love craft fairs.  I’m so there.  If you’re in LA, you gotta go!  Support handmade all the way!

One Comment on “Crafty Holidays!

  1. So if craft fairs are like comic cons, does that mean overly devoted craft fanatics wear elaborate (and often too revealing) costumes to these fairs?

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