Typecraft Picks of the Week: Jewelry


Beautiful Beaded Necklace from Lemon Grove

Each week, I’ll post of my very best picks of all things crafty, whether it’s jewelry, cooking, writing, new blogs, or just a great new thing you have to check out.  I hope you’ll love what I’ve found.

I love handmade jewelry.  Handmade Galleries and Esty.com are my top choices for finding great handmade jewelry.  At the LA Bust Craftacular event back in December, I bought some lovely new items from the following vendors.  Feast your eyes on these bad boys!  

Lemon Grove Jewelry

A gorgeous beaded chain link necklace — simply elegant and stunning.  What I love about their pieces is the fact that they are so intricate yet beautiful.  Bookmark their Etsy shop on your Etsy favorites.

The Weekend Store

I bought my friend Susan a great Christmas present from The Weekend Store.  Susan is from Peru and there was a darling necklace with a cutout from a vintage map with the country of Peru under glass.  I’ve previously bought their typewriter necklace.  I used to write on a little eggshell blue typewriter as a kid so it was perfect to have a typewriter key with my intial.

Map Necklace from The Weekend Store


Scarlett Glass

She molds perfect shapes of glass with animals, leaves, birds, even octopi on them.  Delicate, simple, amazing shades of glass.  For your friends who like glass jewelry, send them to her site.

Glass Necklaces from Scarlett Glass

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