Back to the Beginning: Rewriting my YA Novel

Ahh, so I’ve written the ending of my YA novel and now it’s back to the beginning where I need to chuck out 50 pages and rewrite them all (except for a few key scenes).  I’m giving myself a self-imposed deadline of Feb. 1st to finish this rewrite and give Michelle a polished draft.  The most important lesson I’ve learned while rewriting is that you can’t be in love with your words.  Working as a magazine editor by day has helped my writing at night.  I realize that most of what I write is just a hint of what’s really there.  Gotta constantly push my characters more, let them surprise me, and take them to interesting places.  My first pass at the ending was too hokey and everyone got what they wanted.  And in real life, especially for teenagers, that hardly ever happens.  So good-bye ending, you’ve been rewritten.

Somewhere in this pile of pages is my book.  Gotta get back to it.

2 Comments on “Back to the Beginning: Rewriting my YA Novel

  1. Okay, not too many blog posts make me say OoooOooo out loud just from the title. Congratulations on one of being the few to impress me with your daring ^^

    I admire your enthusiasm, but a little part of me does wonder if you are giving yourself enough time to rest before tackling your novel again. I only say that because it sounds from your post like you finished the first draft and then *FLIP* back to page one the next minute for edits. It could work, I suppose, but fresh eyes do help.

    • Thanks for reading my blog and enjoying the title of this post. I hear you on the fresh eyes and I agree that’s usually the best bet when writing. I’ve been working on rewriting this book since April 2009 and have rewritten the beginning about 3 times (and the middle and the end). I’ve been working with my agent on each section and my goal is to get it done now.

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