Three Very Helpful YA Writing Blog Posts

Blogs are a wonderful source of information.  These three posts I read today are super helpful for any YA writers out there.

Successful Queries: Agent Ted Malawer and ‘My Big Nose and Other Natural Disasters’

This post highlights a successful query letter that landed this particular YA writer with an agent.  The agent then shares what hooked him in her letter (great title and clear direction) and what set her letter apart from thousands.  Back when I was a senior at NYU, I interned at a small boutique literary agency and there were hundreds of query letters a day.  And most of them were terrible.  Query letters for books and magazines all require the same attention to detail and hooking your reader up front.

Marketing for YA Authors from the blog: Market My Words

I found this gem of a blog through just a simple Google search.  Each week the blogger posts interviews with editors and writers asking about their advice for best marketing tips for YA authors.  It seems a lot of marketing through social networking is the way to go.  Fascinating.

YA Highway

The blog bills themselves as “a group of young adult authors from all over the world.”  Their recent post by Kristen Hubbard about Why You Should Think Before You Post is a very wise lesson.  We often forget that what we post on Facebook, Twitter, and on our blogs is seen by anyone with a computer.  It’s incredibly important to be a professional at all times.  You never know who is reading your work.

One Comment on “Three Very Helpful YA Writing Blog Posts

  1. That query letter post is useful for all writers. Figuring out how to write a good query letter is tough, so having this kind of professional perspective is great.

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