Brevity Fest–Feb. 4th at 7:30pm

My good friend David in New York “introduced” me to his friend Roland Tec, a playwright, via email.  Roland is coming out to LA for some meetings and decided to organize a lovely short evening of work by actors, writers, and musicians.  Roland asked me to participate and I agreed.  Granted, I am not a performer.  I am a writer who would very much like other people to read her work.  But every once in awhile, I push myself to read in public because no one is going to know I’m a writer if I sit home in my sweatpants in front of my MacBook Pro.

I’m reading a personal essay I wrote called “Barbie’s Dream House,” about the adventures of being a first-time home buyer.  I originally submitted it to Real Simple magazine’s essay contest Life Lessons and since it wasn’t chosen, I’m taking this bad boy on the road!

Roland put together a lovely lineup and I’m happy to be part of such a great group.  We’ll be performing tomorrow night at the El Cid at 7:30pm in the hip LA hood of Silver Lake.  More details here.

UPDATE: It was a lovely evening of work.  I got to hear some amazing musical and actor performances.  One piece by Maria Maggenti was hysterical — she wrote about the Kindle takes away your right to check out what your potential hookup partner is reading because you can’t look at their bookshelves.  I had a blast reading a personal essay I wrote called “Barbie’s Dream House,” about buying our first home.  It was great to have a contributing writer to the Huffington Post tell me that he enjoyed my piece.  One woman even said it made her teary-eyed!  So even though I was nervous, I’m so glad I got up there and read.

Many thanks to Roland for the opportunity!

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