Moving Forward: A Writer’s Life

I have moved many times in my life. From New Jersey to New York, several boroughs in New York, then to LA, now to northern California, specifically Marin County (20 minutes north of San Francisco).

The main connection to all of the moves is writing.  I moved to New York to go to Tisch for dramatic writing.  My husband, a TV writer, and I moved to LA for writing jobs. And now we’re in Marin County because my hubby landed a fantastic writing job here.  We’ve always followed what we love: writing.  Even through the WGA writing strike and other highs and lows, we’ve stuck with it.

Now I’ve gone from full-time work as a magazine editor to considering writing for myself through freelance writing, my YA novel, and opening an Etsy shop.  It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time.  For once, I can work for myself and on the other hand I’ve been working full-time since I graduated college — and wonder what it will be like working from home.

But if I’ve learned anything, following what you love brings great opportunities.  So I’m grabbing these opportunities and running with them.  Let’s see where this ride will take me.

9 Comments on “Moving Forward: A Writer’s Life

    • Yes! I’ve been in the planning stage for months on the Esty shop so now it’s time. There’s a craft book called Craft Corps that is coming out in May 2010 that has my craft profile in it and the URL for my Esty shop so it’s time to open it up!

  1. So exciting! (But I get the terrifying part, too.) An adventurous spirit plus following your passion is bound to lead to wonderful, memorable things. Yay you! 😀

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