On the Clock: Set Your Own Hours

Welcome to our very first podcast of Freelance Friends. Today’s topic is On the Clock: Set Your Own Hours.

Working as a freelancer requires the biggest challenge: managing your time. While it may seem cushy to set your own hours and never have to wear anything but sweats to “the office,” adding structure to your work day will make all the difference when it comes to landing assignments and getting paid. So how do you go from working 9 to 5 to setting your own hours? Here are the stories of two freelancers, special guest, Rita Flórez, and I.


Tracking Your Time by Michelle Goodman
8 Simple Online Time Management Tools for Freelancers
How to Figure Out Which Tasks You Can Ignore
Making Friends With A Clock: Time Management for Writers
A Day in the Life

Freelance Friends is produced by Rita Flórez and Jennifer Chen. Tune in on July 19th for our next topic: social networking.

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