Finding Work: Part I

The main difference between working for yourself and working for an employer is that you have to go out there and land the jobs.  As a freelance writer, you have to weed through the not-so-great jobs to find those diamond-in-the-rough jobs.  While in the beginning, you may be eager to take on everything that wants you, being choosy about your client list will only help you and your bottom line.

  • Resources
  • LinkedIn network
    • Treating LinkedIn like a job is critical. Think of it as an online business card or resume. The simple interface will help you in not treating LinkedIn the way you would Facebook or MySpace.

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3 Comments on “Finding Work: Part I”

  1. Hey Jennifer. I had a question. What if you are starting off a freelance career. I know when I first looked into it, it seemed that you needed a lot of experience, and it seemed like it would take a decade to get to a point where I could live off of freelance work. How would you recommend getting started? Is freelance work something you can ever make a real living off of? Thank you so much for another very practical and helpful post for writers! 🙂

    • Thank you for always reading my blog! My first suggestion would be to pick up Michelle Goodman’s books, either The Anti 9-to-5 Guide or My-So Called Freelance Life. Her website is also really helpful. This is how I started working for myself: build up a client list while working full-time, which meant a lot of crazy days, working long hours, and juggling. So when I left my full-time job as a photography magazine editor, I had a few clients to rely on. It doesn’t take years (my transition took about 2 years) but it does take time to build your clients. You can make a living at it, just do your research (read Michelle’s books), talk to other freelancers, and work hard. What I like is that I have a few different sources of income and I can work on my own hours. Granted, I have a part-time job right now that’s steady so it makes it easier to work freelance for other clients. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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