Opening My Own Etsy Shop

After months of planning I finally opened my shop, Typecraft. My friend Beth who I interviewed about her Esty shop, BShorr Handmade, helped push me along to finally opening it. I was scared about opening it, delaying it each month, because it seemed so hard to do. But Beth urged me on (and several other friends) and here it is today!

I love making handmade goods for my friends so I was inspired to name the pieces in my collection after my friends and family. Here are few pieces from the collection and the stories behind them. Thank you to all my friends & family for their support! It means a lot to me.

I love all things Japanese and so does my friend David Licata. I’ve made him some Japanese notebooks, seen here on his blog, from a calendar that we both used to adore at our old job where we first met. David’s a filmmaker, writer, and Prince fan, and when I was creating this bracelet, I knew I had to name it after him.

Licata Red Origami Bracelet

I’ve known Alina, aka Ling, since my freshman year at NYU when we lived on the 3rd floor of Rubin Hall. She has always loved sushi so when I was creating this necklace, the dangling pink beads reminded me of salmon roe eggs, one of Alina’s favorites. She is one of my biggest fans and I am honored to call her my friend.

Ling Salmon Roe Necklace

I have never met my friend Rita Floréz. Seriously. We “met” during an online magazine writing class in 2007 and we kept in touch, and we both have successfully sold pitches for magazines since then. When she told me that she was moving from the humidity of Miami to the cold winters of Missouri, I immediately sat down and knitted up this pink scarf for her to keep her warm. She vouches for its cozy warmth!

Rita Hot Pink Scarf

2 Comments on “Opening My Own Etsy Shop”

  1. Honestly, I can’t wait for winter to come so the scarf can brighten some of those very dreary days. Congratulations on this huge accomplishment, friend! You are amazing!

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