Tenacity is My Best Friend as a Writer

I’m just about to head to NYC for a week and I’m very excited to go back. I’m meeting with some editors, my wonderful agent Michelle Andelman, interviewing the amazing Shelby Knox, seeing friends and family, and stuffing myself silly with great New York food (pizza, bagels, black-and-white cookies).

As a writer, I’ve handled my fair share of rejections. I even kept a folder with rejection letters. Then one day I decided to throw the folder out because it was not a good idea to hold onto that much rejection. What was I going to do with them? Make wallpaper out of them? No. So I tossed them.

A few months ago I wrote about rejections and writing (see here). I wrote about how I had been pitching Bust magazine since 2007 and had not yet sold another story to them. Well, the streak is broken, three years later! I just sold them a short article on Shelby Knox (read more about her on her blog), a young feminist who at 15 years old was advocating for sex education in her hometown of Lubbock, Texas. I’ve been fascinated by Shelby ever since I saw her in the documentary, The Education of Shelby Knox. I’m honored to interview her and write again for Bust magazine.

So tenacity is my best friend whether it takes three years, or ten years. It gets me through a stack of rejection letters. It pushes me to keep writing even when it seems like the odds are against me. Thanks to my Twitter friend, @taradublinrocks, for reminding me of that great word that keeps all great writers going: tenacity.

8 Comments on “Tenacity is My Best Friend as a Writer

    • Thanks Kate! Don’t hate me too much but the Regal offices are so cool. They are building a porch swing in their office so they can read there. Michelle and the team there are great!

  1. there that word is again. I’m glad you still own it. Maybe that should be your blogs subtitle: The Tenacious Writer. Or something.

    • Elana, NYC was great. I think you said you’re going to Regal offices some day, right? It’s so nice there. A perfect space for people who love to read. Calming blue walls and they’re even installing a porch swing so they can read there. We are in good hands, lady. Very good hands. I also got to see a close up of your POSSESSION cover. Very cool.

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