A Day to Give Thanks

My friend David Licata wrote a simple blog post titled Thank You with a list of names below. I thought it was a great way to thank everyone who has inspired and supported us.

Brendan Hay, Judy Lin, Jessica Lipps, Maureen & John Hay, Alina Kwak, Celena Cipriaso, Diana Breen, David Licata, Meghan Kiel, Abigail Ronck, Arlene Evans, Bill Hurter, Beth Shorr, Christine Taber, Darren Belitsky, Donna Lin, Darrick Lin, Monika Laralin, Shutao Lin, Giana Mucci, Shauna Harris, Haroon Butt, Jaime Sanders, Jason Martinoff, Julia Moberg, Michelle Andelman, everyone at Hedgebrook, Rita Florez, Ronee Uyeshiro, SJ Hodges, Andrea Wachner, Shari Green, Elana Johnson, Susan Cegarra, Gen Kiuchi, Ulrica Wihlborg, Whitney English.

Thank you all.

5 Comments on “A Day to Give Thanks

    • We YA authors / Regal clients have to support each other! I think the WriteOnCon was one the best things I’ve participated in this year so thank you for organizing it!

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