Reaching Your Goals, Part 2

In my last post I shared how I reflect on the year and then look forward to what I want in the coming year. Now, here’s Part 2 of my Reaching Your Goals post. It’s a little bit more involved than Part 1, which is why I broke it up.

I call it my Life Plan (here’s a handy Word document template). I break up my life into areas that I want to focus on so for 2010, it was
1) Writing
2) Crafts
3) Health
4) Financial

Under each category, I break it down into goals I want to achieve and underneath each goal, steps I’m going to take to achieve it. I also put months next to those goals so I give myself a timeline to achieve them. I’ll give a few examples from my own 2010 Life Plan and break it down so you can see what I did.

Under Health, I wrote:

• Run a 10K and train

Under Crafts, I wrote:
• Launch my Etsy shop, Typecraft, on – May 2010
• Research how to open an Etsy shop – Feb. 2010
• Budget money for expenses – March 2010
• Design earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings – March & April 2010
• Get the word out – May 2010

Truth be told, sometimes those dates got bumped back. I didn’t open my Etsy shop until October 2010 but I had the other steps in place so I was able to launch it with pieces designed and ready to sell.

What I like about doing this exercise is that I’m sitting down and figuring out what I want to do. This isn’t a to-do list. This is my life and what I want. This is you telling yourself these are the areas of my life that I want to move forward in and this is how I’m going to do it. To some, this may seem a bit too organized (I’m the lady who loves walking through the Container Store) but I hope you find it useful.

I’ll tell you two things that came out of my Life Plan that totally surprised me. One of my financial goals in 2009 was to buy a house. I even wrote a month next to it. April 2009. Brendan and I closed on a house in LA in April 2009. We sold it a year later to move up to the San Francisco Bay Area but I reached one of my goals. To own a house. The second thing that surprised me: running a half-marathon. One of my first health goals was to run a 5K, then a 10K, then a half-marathon, which at the time seemed nearly impossible. For two years in a row, I ran a 5K. The thought of running a 10K scared me but I kept putting it on my Life Plan. Finally this year I ran a 10K in July. After I conquered that, I thought, well, I’ve been training hard, let’s keep going. And that’s how I finished a half-marathon. You’ll see that once you hit one goal, it inspires more, and pretty soon you’re doing exactly what you set out to do.

So here you go, my simple steps to combating your writing fears/worries/jealousy. I’d love to hear some of your Life Plan goals or what you realized about yourself after writing down what you’ve done in 2010.

Have a happy & wonderful new year!

2 Comments on “Reaching Your Goals, Part 2

  1. Great advice and congrats on all your accomplishments! You’ve had a helluva 2010 and it’s looking like an even crazier 2011!

  2. I’m going to try this out for 2011. I had three big goals for 2010. I only accomplished one: finishing the first draft of my novel. The other was make a living writing {I’m working on that} and the other is moving to a studio in Long Beach {that may be a long way’s a way. 5k wasn’t in my plan until october but I did it anyway! Good luck to you and happy holidays!

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