My October Challenge: A 21-Day Cleanse

A year ago I ran a half-marathon. I spent six months training. It was mentally and physically challenging. At mile 12, I wanted to stop but I knew I had come so far that I didn’t. It was rewarding on so many levels, but my knees were in pain and I’ve spent time recovering in physical therapy. A year later, I found myself living as a junk-food vegan as you see from the post below and woefully out of shape. It was time for a change. So to honor my half-marathon, I’m challenging myself to complete a 21-day cleanse. No, I’m not just drinking water and cayenne pepper. I’m starting the 21-day detox laid out in Kris Carr’s Crazy Sexy Diet. If you don’t know this NY Times bestseller, check it out. Kris survived her cancer diagnosis by radically changing her diet. Her cleanse eliminates sugar, dairy, meat, gluten, and caffeine.

After prior hemming and hawing over it, I decided to jump in and start the cleanse. I have two work events towards the end of the month that would make it hard for me to try this later, so today is day one for me. To preface, I’m already vegan, own a Breville juicer, and have never liked coffee so it wasn’t too much of a shock to my system to start. What I do have a problem with is sugar. I love sweets. I usually have dessert every day, which is a problem. Sugar and bread are the two things that I anticipate being hard to give up. I wanted to do this because I’ve been a junk-food vegan lately and I want to start working out again and eating better. Believe or not, just because I’m vegan doesn’t mean I eat healthy all of the time.

Day one: Not too bad. I was nervous that I would be starving but I wasn’t. At the VegNews office we tend to get a lot of food products for review. You can check out exactly what we get here. No joke, today we got a big shipment of bread to try. One of my weaknesses. We also had an open container of vegan peanut butter cups. Weakness #2. But I held strong and refrained from eating either, which in of itself is a huge step for me because normally I’d stuff my face with them. So what did I eat today? I started off with a green juice, a healthy salad and fruit for lunch, gluten-free San-J crackers (I love these crackers), and for dinner, a marinated kale salad and a brown rice bowl topped with tempeh, broccoli, and avocado. Surprisingly I was full at the end of the day. Now I’m off to work out. Here’s to committing to a healthy lifestyle!

9 Comments on “My October Challenge: A 21-Day Cleanse

    • Candice, thanks for checking out my blog. Feel free to subscribe so you can get all my post updates via email. I appreciate you reading my posts!

    • Thanks Allison! You can do it. For me, caffeine isn’t a big problem since I don’t drink coffee and I can find caffeine-free tea. But I find I crave right now is a big piece of bread. I thought it would be the sugary sweets, but it’s the bread that’s the toughest. Thanks for reading!

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