When You’re Deadline: How NOT to Panic

As my readers can see, I’ve been MIA since November. To put it bluntly, I’ve been in a panic (read: deadline) with a manuscript due April 2. Before I became an editor at VegNews magazine, I was the features editor at Rangefinder magazine, a photography trade publication. Through my work at Rangefinder, I met Bambi Cantrell, an extraordinary photographer. Bambi asked me to collaborate with her on her next book, so we worked together on a book proposal, and now the full manuscript is due in about 5 weeks. Hence, the panic. I’ve pretty much put off social dates, anything fun, and worked every weekend to get this together.

But you know what I realized? I was killing myself. The manuscript wasn’t getting any more fun and I was stressing myself out.

I keep a tight schedule and I’ll be 100% honest, every day that schedule changes. What I thought would take 2 days to finish a chapter (who am I kidding?) takes triple the time. So I started meditating to help me get restful nights of sleep. (I highly recommend The Meditation Podcast–the Falling Asleep meditation works for me every single time.) I started taking it day by day. I give myself one night off. Your brain needs to recharge. Or maybe it was the fact on the most recent Parks & Recreation, I related to Leslie Knope working two jobs and when Ron Swanson told her to cut back, I’m pretty sure he was talking to me.

Plus, I think this quotation I have posted on Pinterest Quotes board pretty much sums it all up.

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