Virtual YA Book Club: Fingerprints of You by Kristen-Paige Madonia

We had a wonderful Twitter chat last night with YA author Kristen-Paige Madonia about her book Fingerprints of You. For highlights from the chat, check out my collection of tweets from the chat. Special thanks to Kristen-Paige for taking the time to discuss her debut book with us!

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Now, on to our discussion!

I first heard an excerpt of the book at Wordstock, an amazing book festival in Portland, OR and was really intrigued by the first 10 pages. Upon reading the whole book, I was really moved by the story of Lemon and her mother Stella, perhaps because I am the daughter of a single mother. I loved how honest the mother-daughter experience was, but also how all of the characters felt very real to me.

Here are my questions. Feel free to add your own!

1) In our Twitter chat, we talked about the cover of the book, even learning that Amanda painted her nails to match the tattoo-inspired cover. What do you think is the significance of the bird on the chain flying away?

2) There are a lot of parallels in this book. Emmy’s dad being absent, but in an entirely different way than Lemon’s dad who was gone for most of her life. Stella had Lemon when she was young and Lemon becomes pregnant at a young age. Ryan’s love of reading and Lemon’s love of reading. Even the settings—East coast versus West Coast—are somewhat parallel. Why do you think there are those connections throughout the book?

3) My friend Sutton brought up an interesting point. Why did Lemon and Stella never discuss terminating the pregnancy early on? Why do you think the conversation never happened?

4) As Lemon was moving forward in her pregnancy, I worried for her, especially when she fainted several times and her poor diet. So I wasn’t too surprised by the ending of the book, yet I was still really sad for Lemon.

5) San Francisco plays a major role in Lemon’s transformation, even in Stella, when she appears again. How does Madonia use these two environments—West Virginia and California—to emphasis transformation?

6) Art, music, and literature play a big role in this book—Stella’s art classes, Ryan’s love of music, Stella’s inscriptions inside the books she leaves Ryan, and Lemon always reading. (You can even find Lemon’s playlist here.) What do the arts signify in the book?

7) While I liked Aiden as a character, I wondered if their romance was a little too easy and beautiful. He seemed to always and do the right thing. What did you think of Lemon and Aiden’s romance? How did their relationship change Lemon?

3 Comments on “Virtual YA Book Club: Fingerprints of You by Kristen-Paige Madonia

  1. Thanks so much for picking this book, I really enjoyed it.

    The cover art is outstanding and symbolic. I love how the bird is flying away, yet still holding on to a part of the chain. I think that represents Lemon’s desire to breakaway from Stella, yet she still always holds a part of her mother with her. I think that’s how it is for many of us at that age. We so desperately want freedom from our parents, but eventually we realize, that carry apart of them with us, always.

    I can not say enough about how much I enjoyed the setting in the book. Madonia really brought a dynamic city to life. I think it paralleled all the new discoveries Lemon was making and the transformation she underwent, throughout the story.

    • Thanks for joining us Angie! I’m so glad you enjoyed the book. When I picked it out, I didn’t realize that it was partly set in San Francisco, right in the neighborhood where I work. As someone who is relatively new to SF, it was nice to see the city through the eyes of someone new visiting it.

      The cover for me summed up who Stella and Lemon were from the get go. And the bird breaking free, like you mentioned, is how Lemon wants to break free from Stella, but ultimately still needs her in the end.

      And thanks for joining the Twitter chat too!

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