My Top 7 Vegan Holiday Gift Picks

I love picking out the perfect gift for friends and family. Every year, well-meaning people give gifts to vegans that might not use because it’s not vegan—like a pair of wool socks or beauty care that’s tested on animals. If you want to be the Leslie Knope to your vegan and vegetarian friends, here are some of my favorite vegan products to give as gifts.

1. Isa Does It by Isa Chandra Moskowitz

This gorgeous hard cover cookbook has every recipe a vegan could ever need. Give it as a gift, then politely ask to be invited over for dinner!

2. Pacifica Soy Candles

I have a serious soy candle addiction. I love Pacifica’s products because they have great scents (Island Vanilla, I love you) and beautiful eco-friendly packaging.

3. Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt a Farm Animal

A baby male cow I met at the northern California Farm Sanctuary shelter. He was so soft!

A baby male cow I met at the northern California Farm Sanctuary shelter. He was so soft!

The rescued farm animals at Farm Sanctuary are lovable and adopting one for the animal-lover in your life is an ideal gift. Plus, you get updates about the adopted animal and a warm, fuzzy feeling from doing something great!

4. Vaute Couture’s Friends Not Fashion Sweatshirt

I have this sweatshirt and I adore it. If only all my clothes could feel this soft on the inside! Also, the sweatshirt is super cute with a slight off-the-shoulder look. Vaute Couture also has tanks, T-shirts, pup clothes, coats, and more, so really you can’t go wrong for the fashionable vegan woman or man in your life.

5. Allison Gourmet’s Just Cookies Sampler

Every year, Brendan and I send the important people we work with—agents, managers, editors, etc.—an Allison’s Gourmet Cookie Sampler. I love that the packaging is pretty and the baked goods always knock the socks off even the most skeptical non-vegan. I’ve heard reports of people stashing away the last cookie from coworkers.

6. Spork Foods Cooking Classes

The lovely sister duo behind Spork Foods regularly teach LA-based cooking classes in a beautiful kitchen in West Hollywood. Brendan got me a gift certificate one year for Christmas and I’ve been hooked ever since. Not in LA? The gals offer online classes too.

7. Subscription to Laika magazine

This stylish, fashion forward quarterly vegan magazine, Laika, has great food features, the latest beauty products, and of course, heartwarming animal stories. Give a print or digital subscription to your happy herbivore!

2 Comments on “My Top 7 Vegan Holiday Gift Picks

  1. You have so many of my favorites on this list! Great selections. I thought I didn’t want anything for Christmas, but maybe I do…:)

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