Product Review: Kobo Glo Ereader


Kobo what? I’m sure you’re wondering why I didn’t just buy a Kindle. I’ve tried my best not to support and buy products from Amazon after reading this Mother Jones article about the real price of free shipping. I also like supporting local, independent bookstores, and Kobos are available to purchase at my fave indie LA bookstore, Skylight Books, and Powell’s, the love of my life in Portland, OR.

I already have an iPad, but found reading books on the device too much of a strain on the eyes, and it was too bulky to read a book on. (Though I love reading magazines on it via The Next Issue app.) I wanted an ereader that looked more like a book page. I also wanted a good backlight on it so I could read at night without turning on a light.

My husband bought me the Kobo Glo for Christmas, and I’ve spent the past few months reading on it. I wanted to share my review of it because the only reviews I’ve read are mainly on tech websites, which are helpful, but I wanted to share my personal experience.

Here are my pros and cons:


  • It’s very lightweight and portable.
  • The battery lasted for a month. I used WiFi on it occasionally.
  • The backlight is the perfect soft glow.
  • The text is very readable.
  • It carries 1,000 books on it and can expand to 3,000 books if I add a memory card.
  • It’s sold at independent bookstores.
  • I received good customer service through @KoboHelp on Twitter.


  • I can create a wishlist of books on my device, but on the website, it only allows you to add books to a shopping cart. When I contacted customer service, they said they are working on that problem.
  • The biggest downside to me is that they offer gift cards, but no one in the US can purchase them. I had asked for gift cards for the device, but unless my friends and family live in Canada, we can’t purchase them. When I asked the customer service about this, they said gift cards can only be purchased in Canada, but could be redeemed in the US. I wish this wasn’t the case!
  • Using the internet on the device is slow. I typically look up words in the dictionary, but once looked up a person referenced in the book I was reading. The web page was hard to navigate.

Overall, I really love reading on the Kobo Glo. Yes, the Kindle is cheaper and ebook purchases are cheaper, but I wanted a device that wasn’t from Amazon.

I'd love to know what you think! Tell me in the comments below.

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