My 5 Favorite New Vegan Eats in Los Angeles

The best thing about moving back to Los Angeles are all the vegan-friendly places to eat and drink. I used to feel it was tough to go out with omnivore friends because the vegan or vegetarian dishes were so boring. Now, in LA, there are so many good non-vegan places with great vegan options. Here are my favorite new-to-me vegan-friendly hot spots.

1. Donut Friend

This super cute doughnut shop has a twist on the regular doughnut. They cut it open and you can fill and top it with whatever fillings you’d like. The vegan vanilla pastry creme and vegan chocolate creme filling are to-die-for. You can actually see the vanilla bean flecks in the creme. Also, try topping your doughnut with Phoney Baloney’s coconut bacon. It’s a great salty sweet combo.

2. Mandoline Grill

My friend Laura Beck (the goddess of all things vegan) introduced me to this Vietnamese fusion truck with vegan options. We split the lemongrass tofu nachos—the tofu was perfect and the vegan Srircha mayo sauce is killer. I had the bánh mì and bún—and both were awesome. The truck can be found in North Hollywood, downtown LA, and Burbank. Check the website or follow Mandoline Grill on Twitter for the schedule and locations.


Lemongrass tofu nachos from Mandoline Grill

3. Bramble Bakeshop

I’m drooling thinking about this all-vegan online bakery’s offerings. The Sprinkle Bomb cookies and Devil’s Delight mini-cakes are crazy good. The gal behind these delightful treats, Miel Bredouw, was a sous chef at Mohawk Bend, one of my favorite vegan-friendly bars in LA. Let’s buy all the treats!


Sprinkle cookies from Bramble Bakeshop

4. Badmaash

My friends Erik Wiese and Cynthia True introduced me and Brendan to this Indian restaurant. At first glance at the menu, I didn’t think I had many options, but I asked the waiter and he told me what could be veganized or what was already vegan. Vegan dishes such as Smoked Eggplant Mash and Punjabi Style Chickpeas are stunning. I’m still thinking about the eggplant dish. You can ask for a veganized Good Ol’ Saag Panner—they substitute potatoes for the cheese—and the Masala Potato Fries without the mayo are a spicy delight.


Punjabi Style Chickpeas, Smoked Eggplant Mash, and veganized Saag Paneer leftovers from Badmaash

5. Organix

This vegetarian grocery store in Eagle Rock isn’t new, but it’s new to me. I finally went there with Laura Beck and it was just the greatest. I love walking around grocery stores and this one was like a mini-Rainbow—the vegetarian health food store in San Francisco. This shop has an all-vegan deli with crazy good sandwiches. And the owners are so friendly and helpful. I can’t wait to go back. They had a ton of vegan goodies!

2 Comments on “My 5 Favorite New Vegan Eats in Los Angeles

    • Wonderful, Jaya! There are so many places. I love it. I’m slowly working my way through the COK LA Guide. And Chris loved the cookies from Bramble Bakeshop (we had them at writers group).

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