8 Great Vegan Products at Costco

I never thought I’d shop at Costco since it’s just my husband and me in my household, but I made the switch when I read an article on how Costco pays its employees a fair wage and provides company-sponsored health insurance. For more on what’s so great about Costco, check out this Huffington Post article.

As a vegan, I was surprised by how many vegan items I’ve found and love at Costco. Seriously, it’s so amazing. The ones in the Bay Area have my favorite tofu ever (Hodo Soy), but we don’t have that in LA.

1. Sambazon açaí smoothies

I’m addicted to these açaí smoothie packs. I make açaí bowls with fresh fruit or put them in a smoothie. At Costco, it’s $10 for a 10-pack. Such a great deal. Plus, Costco also has the 3-Day Sambazon Purifying Cleanse pack. (Read my product review here). I tried the cleanse once, but I also like how the drinks taste so I buy them even if I’m not on a cleanse.

2. Gardein chicken sliders

I really love Gardein products. Costco used to have Gardein’s mandarin chicken that was great for a quick takeout-type dinner without ordering. I just spotted these crispy chick’n sliders and grabbed them right away. I love these crispy patties and they are a perfect accompaniment to a big salad for a quick, simple dinner or lunch.


Inside my grocery cart at Costco

3. MaraNatha almond butter

I’m also an almond butter addict, which can get pretty pricey. Luckily, a giant 26-ounce jar of roasted, creamy almond butter is less than $8 at Costco. Thank you.

4. Wholly Guacamole

Who doesn’t love avocados? This 3-pack of really awesome guacamole is perfect for parties. We just freeze the packages and defrost them when we need them. It’s so damn good.

5. Almond Breeze almond milk

Almond milk is my non-dairy milk of choice and I like that a 6-pack of almond milk is about $8 since I use it almost every day. I only wish that they would also carry chocolate because Brendan lives on chocolate almond milk. In fact, I think he’s mostly made of chocolate almond milk.

6. B12 supplements

This is the least sexy thing ever, but all vegans need B12 and a giant bottle of B12 supplements at Costco lasts me forever. I still have the bottle that I bought a year ago.

7.  Gardenburger Malibu burger

Brendan loves all types of veggie burgers, so this Malibu burger 12-pack was perfect for him. I think they’re pretty good too.

Photo: veganamericanprincess.com

8. Fruits & vegetables galore!

I bought a giant Earthbound Farms bag of baby spinach, kale, and chard for $5. That’s enough salad and green smoothies for a week or more. If I’m making green juice, I love grabbing cucumbers, romaine lettuce, and kale here. The berries are also a great buy. Plus, the large bags of frozen fruit like pineapple, strawberries, and cherries last forever.

15 Comments on “8 Great Vegan Products at Costco”

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  4. I just tried the Gardein veggie burger which isn’t listed here but it should be. I believe Costco should start introducing more if not all of the Gardein products.

    • Hi Bob!

      I agree. I update my vegan Costco lists regularly, including this post with the Gardein Fishless Golden Filets. At my Costco, they have the Gardein Mandarin Chicken, Schezuan Beefless Strips, and the Fishless Filets. I know each Coscto is different, so products vary, but I’ve left comment cards about products that I’d like to see more of at my local Costco, so that might help if you want more at your location. Thanks for reading!

  5. We looked for vegan burgers at Costco in our local area but could only find vegetarian options. If you don’t mind me asking, what area of the store did you find yours? Frozen or?

  6. Jennifer,

    Great Post! Costco also sells gigantic bags of frozen organic vegetables and berries. Check out the Normandy mixed vegetables, they’re a fantastic value at 5 lbs. for $8.


    Tracy Kay

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