Make a List of What You’re Grateful For

I must admit that as a writer some times I get stuck in the waiting and frustration that can come with putting my work out there. It’s tough to put your creativity out into the world. I get stuck in the WHY ISN’T ANYTHING HAPPENING RIGHT THIS SECOND.

My dear friend Jaya shared with me that she and her husband Chris each share 10 things they are grateful for every day when they are walking their dogs. I thought it was a beautiful list to make in the morning as an antidote to the running-around-life-feels-really-crazy feelings, so my husband and I adopted the practice. And there are some mornings when I’m grumpy or tired or feel like nothing is working out for me, then after listing what I’m grateful for, I feel like there is a lot of good in my life.

Here’s just a few things I’m grateful for:

  • A supportive, talented, and sweet husband
  • The love of three adorable pets
  • Having enough food
  • My writing
  • Wonderful friends
  • Good books
  • Sunshine (thank you, LA)

What are you grateful for?

I'd love to know what you think! Tell me in the comments below.

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