Write a Letter to Yourself


I was inspired to write a letter to myself after my friend Leanne—the brilliant fashion designer of the vegan, eco-friendly company Vaute Couture—posted a letter on Facebook she wrote to herself to read when she felt like quitting.

I must confess that the past few weeks, it’s been hard to be a writer. A few big projects I’ve been writing didn’t go through. I hit some major disappointment. I think from the outside, it’s easy to see my writing clips and think I’m successful, but truth be told, there are days when the rejection letters pile up and I question why I decided to become a writer. I’ve been rejected multiple times by magazine editors, book editors, theaters, and jobs. I’ve pitched some of my favorite magazines for years before getting any where. I’ve written a YA book that was rejected by every editor who read it. A play I wrote was rejected by 12 theaters (one rejection letter I got a year later! Really!).

If you ever feel this way about your passion, I suggest writing an encouraging letter to yourself. I keep mine by my desk and look at it every day. It helps me to deal with the not-so-great days because I’ve made a pact with myself to keep writing no matter what.



8 Comments on “Write a Letter to Yourself

  1. Great post, Jenn. This is why, even though there’s rejection all around, you definitely are a successful writer—because you keep doing it! xox

  2. You’re a fabulous writer – as one of your many fines, I can tell you I love and gain from reading your blog. Thank you for sharing your gift of writing with all of us.

  3. You got this, Jenn, you really do. You’re dreaming big, stretching yourself farther and farther than most people imagine. I have no doubt you’ll get to where you wish to be.

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