My 5 Vegan Must-Eats in Los Angeles

I’m really lucky to be vegan in Los Angeles. There are SO MANY GOOD EATS that it’s mind-blowing. Plus, we’re soon getting a vegan cheese shop. It’s crazy.

I wanted to do a roundup of some of my fave eats for any visitors to LA who want to try some of the best vegan food we have. Of course, there’s way more than this list, but these are my die-hard favorites that I love so very much.

1. Viva La Vegan grocery store

viva la vegan

As you know, I rarely visit the west side of LA, but when I do, I love the Viva La Vegan grocery store in Santa Monica. The store is chock-full of goodies that I dream about like Phoney Baloney’s coconut bacon—it’s crazy good!—and VegeUSA’s vegan tuna roll. It’s basically paradise. I just wish it wasn’t so far from where I live. (They also have a second location in Rancho Cucamonga, which is also not close to me.)

2. Pizzanista


Having lived in NYC for 10 years, I am a picky bastard when it comes to pizza. Pizzanista in downtown LA has the only pie that worth’s calling pizza here. PLUS, they have hella vegan eats like this Seitan Meats Jesus pie with tomato sauce, Daiya vegan cheese, vegan pepperoni, vegan sausage & vegan bacon. We asked for spinach too, and they gave us a ton of spinach! They also serve Clara’s Cupcakes, which are also vegan.

3. Gracias Madre

gracias madre rellenos

Gracias Madre is one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco so I freaked the F out when the restaurant opened a second location in West Hollywood. With fancy cocktails and an expanded dessert menu (because that’s all I really care about), the LA iteration of my fave vegan Mexican eatery is just as amazing as the original.

4. Frozato at Hugo’s Tacos


Pre-vegan, I loved me some frozen yogurt. Hugo’s Tacos is a small taco stand that offers a ton of vegan options (you must try the soy chorizo tacos), but my favorite thing is the Frozato, which comes in chocolate, vanilla, or swirl. It’s kinda the best thing ever.

5. The Whole Bowl at Cafe Gratitude

cafe gratitude

I know some people find the hippie-dippy/Question of the Day at Cafe Gratitude a bit too much for them. I LIKE IT. I used to eat at the Berkeley location regularly, but now I frequent the Larchmont Village Cafe Gratitude, which is colorful, pretty, and usually has one celebrity sighting. For me, the Whole Bowl has everything I need in life in one delicious meal—braised Garnet yams, adzuki beans, sautéed kale, housemade kim chee, sea palm, black sesame seed gomasio, teriyaki almonds, garlic tahini sauce, and a mix of brown rice and quinoa. I love this bowl so much. Let’s get married Whole Bowl!

What are some of your must-eats in Los Angeles?

4 Comments on “My 5 Vegan Must-Eats in Los Angeles”

  1. Jennifer, any idea why the Gardein crispy tenders aren’t around Costco anymore? Been gone the last 2-3 months and we’re in withdrawal with the tiny bags available everywhere else!

    • Hi Leigh! Not sure. The Costco by me seems to rotate through different Gardein products. They once had the Fishless Filets, which are my favorite, and now they don’t carry them. 😦 This week, they have the Gardein Meatless Meatballs. I have left comment cards for products I’ve loved before and seen them come back to Costco. So my best suggestion is to fill out a Costco comment card requesting the crispy tenders. The comment cards are at the front of the store near the shopping carts (at least at my Costco). Best of luck!

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