7 Things My Pug Has Taught Me

My adopted blind pug Bessie is hilarious. Over the almost two years we’ve had her, I’ve taken a million pictures of her. What can I say? She’s too cute!

But most importantly, she’s taught me some great life lessons. Like—

1. You Can Sleep Anywhere

backpack sleeping sleeping on crate

I have no idea how sleeping on a backpack or a carrier is comfortable. But Bessie thinks everything is a bed until proven otherwise.

2. Always help others.


Assist your dad with his super hard Scrabble game.


Help your mom with her writing. Clearly, that paragraph was not working for Bessie. She’s a tough editor.


Pitch ideas for dad’s script rewrite.

3. Find Time to Hang Out with Friends

chill in packs

Bessie’s boyfriend, Sampson Dworkin, and Bessie chilling while their moms work.

4. Take Time for Vacations

chilling at beach

Bessie on vacation in Mendocino, CA.

5. Safeguard Your Belongings

holding antler

Bessie safeguarding her antler chew so her Labrador Retriever brother doesn’t steal it. (He didn’t.)

6. When It’s Not Sunny, Make Your Own Sun

heat lamp

Bessie loves to sleep in the sun. On the rare days when it’s not sunny in LA, she likes to sit in front of a space heater to stay warm.

7. Show Off Your Silly Side

belly rubs

Our pet sitter captured Bessie begging for a belly rub. Who could resist?

Aren’t pugs the best? Pugs and their silly personalities make me want to jump into a ball pit and go crazy.

OH, this guy beat me to it.

Click on the GIF for the original video.

7 Comments on “7 Things My Pug Has Taught Me

  1. This story touched my heart. Because my pug Jackson has an eye disorder. Eventually he may go blind. That thought scares me, but your pug looks very very happy :))

  2. Being allergic to cats, I can’t comment on them. But what I do know is that a dog’s love is so unconditional and true. All they want is to love and be loved. And when it comes right down to it, what more could you ask for?

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