How to Use Pinterest as a Writer

I love this infographic about creativity, which is why I’m sharing it with you, dear reader. I couldn’t agree more, especially with #14.

Though I do agree with #4, there are some things I really love about writing on my MacBook Air. One of them is Pinterest. Pinterest is one of those fun things that I, like most people, pin a bunch of cute animals, recipes, and things I’d like to stare at later.

Lately, I’ve been creating secret boards on Pinterest just for writing books. What do I use them for?

  • Creating characters. I’ll pull photos of celebs, or every day people who I think my character would look like.
  • A collage of a character’s favorite things, like bands or recipes they might make (one of my characters is a chef wannabe).
  • Links to interesting articles that are good research for the world I’m writing
  • Clothing inspiration to decide how my teen characters would dress.
  • Photos of locations of settings in my book

I find it super helpful to have my secret board open while I’m working on my book so I can keep those images in mind as I write. While my husband is the writer who likes to turn off the Internet while working, I really like having the ability to research something the moment I’m writing it. For instance, I like to use Google Maps to find what street in a particular town this chapter will take place. While the Internet can be distracting, I do like the instant access to information that I need to make my book authentic.



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