My Favorite Vegan Eats in Portland, OR

Ah, Portland, I love you. The vegan scene in Portland is crazy. I ate all the time and still didn’t hit everything. Besides my love for Powell’s Books (THE bookstore of all indie bookstores), the city has a charm that I can’t resist. Maybe it’s the cute fabric stores with helpful saleswomen or the options of almond, coconut, or soy milk at most coffee shops, or just maybe it’s food. In all food porn glory, here are some of my favorite vegan eats in Portland, OR.

1. Portobello Vegan Trattoria


Three Cheese Plate with Plum Compote and Toast

With the cheese plates, amazing homemade vegan pastas, and salted caramel ice cream sundaes, Portobello is the perfect date night meal, or going out with your girlfriends. They have fantastic cocktails and adorable atmosphere. The menu changes, but anything you get will be great.

2. The Sudra


Kale Dosa Plate

I love vegan Indian food! The Sudra is a cute eatery located in the middle of a row of delicious-looking restaurants. The Kale Dosa Plate comes with a potato masala and a cilantro-lemon sauce that I’m still thinking about today. I want it.

3. Sizzle Pie

Sizzle Pie

I won’t bore you with my lament about good pizza on the West Coast, instead I’ll just implore that you head to Sizzle Pie and have a vegan slice of anything available that day. Because the crust is right on and the toppings are SO GOOD, you’ll be thinking, who cares about cheese? And shut up about your container of nutritional yeast that I can sprinkle on my pizza! Can we get married, Sizzle Pie?

4. The Cheese Plate PDX

PDX Cheese Plate

The Vegan Grilled Cheese

It was our last day in Portland. It was raining. I ate this scrumptious grilled cheese while Funny Face, starring Audrey Hepburn, played on the TV in this food truck. Everything was perfect.

5. Harlow


Outlaw Scramble

This adorable new healthy eating cafe has a great breakfast menu. Try the Lemon Babycakes, the Outlaw Scramble, and the Hot Chocolate with coconut milk.

6. Homegrown Smoker Vegan BBQ

Homegrown Smoker

Reuben Special

Even though it’s not pictured here because we devoured it too quickly—the Macnocheeto Burrito is my favorite thing at this food truck. It’s filled with mac ‘n cheese and barbecue soy curls. Really. It’s a decadent burrito, but easily shareable with a friend.

7. Back to Eden Bakery

Back to Eden

The Vernon Sundae

Ice cream sundaes are kinda the best thing ever. If I wasn’t so full, I would’ve devoured the baked goodies and treats like the pumpkin cake covered in chocolate!

8. A.N.D Cafe

AND Cafe

Berry and Cream Waffle

This is a great place to go for breakfast. The sweet or savory waffles are delicious. There was a couple planning their wedding while having breakfast and I’m a sucker for weddings so maybe I teared up a little.

9. Departure


Banana Fritters Sundae

I told you I love ice cream sundaes, but really this was just the end of a great meal. Hat trick to Laura Beck for recommending the vegan menu at Departure, a rooftop pan-Asian restaurant that was the swankiest restaurant I’ve ever been to in Portland. You must try the BBQ Tempeh Buns, the Brussels Sprouts (trust me), and Gingered Mushrooms. While that might not sound like a lot of food, it was one of the best meals I’ve ever eaten.

Of course, I should mention a stop at the vegan mini-mall—which has Food Fight, a grocery store; Herbivore, a clothing shop, Sweetpea Baking Company, and a vegan tattoo shop—is a MUST. And the vegan bar The Bye and Bye.

I miss Portland already.

Leanne & me

That time I ran into Leanne, founder of Vaute Couture, before I left Portland. She’s the cutest & sweetest.

2 Comments on “My Favorite Vegan Eats in Portland, OR”

  1. This post makes me want to cry. I have only been to Portland once, but really miss all the amazing food! I felt like I was blowing away like Aunt Marge in Harry Potter, when I left there. I ate so much!
    I visited Sizzle Pie, A.N.D, and Homegrown Smoker and loved them all!

    • Ha! I love that Harry Potter comparison. That’s how I felt. We last visited two years ago, and there were so many new places to try. Portland really has a great vegan scene. Hope you get to go back there!

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