Setting Your Writing Goals for the New Year

As each new year approaches, it’s great to sit down on reflect on what you’ve done and what you want to do. At the end of every year, I make a list of goals for the new year. Not just new year’s resolutions, but yearlong goals in writing, personal, and creative. I find the act of writing things down makes it more concrete.

What I’ve done this year:

  • Developed a list of clients for freelance writing and editing
  • Published a personal essay (after shopping it around for more than a year)
  • Written a new draft of a YA book
  • Wrote & rewrote a new play
  • Updated my blog weekly
  • Written my dream story (about adoption that will be published in 2015)
  • Organized and maintained a writers group

For writing, I approach my goals by asking myself:

  • What are my dream projects (books, magazine story ideas, plays I want to write)
  • Who do I want to work with (making a list of my favorite publications and target them)
  • What’s a realistic time frame to get my goal done—writing specific months next to those goals
  • What are the steps I need to get there
  • Why do I want this particular goal

Along the way, some goals change. And rejection happens. But for the past few years as I’ve worked with my yearly outline, I’ve hit those major moments that I’ve wanted to achieve. I’m not superhuman. Just organized and committed.

What are your goals for 2015? How will you make them happen?

I'd love to know what you think! Tell me in the comments below.

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