Thank You For Reading

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As a writer, a lot of my time is spent alone—contemplating, rewriting, brainstorming, pitching, and ruminating. A month ago, a personal essay I wrote for BuzzFeed about my miscarriage sparked an enormous response from women and men. I had received dozens of emails from all over the world, tweets, and Facebook messages from women who had gone through miscarriages and wanted to share their stories with me. Some had never talked about it to anyone. Some had told me that they were told to “get over it” by a friend or even a husband. Some talked about how sad they felt even years later.

Today, I found two Facebook messages that were buried in my “other” folder from two strangers. I was touched by their words, heartbroken by their sadness, but most of all, grateful that they felt comfortable sharing their deeply personal stories with me—a complete stranger.

It’s times like these that I’m thankful to anyone who reads my work and writes to me. I feel honored that my writing could help anyone else with their personal struggles. I’ve made it a personal habit to write to artists and authors who inspire me. If something moves me, I share that with the author because I think it’s important to express thanks for someone else’s hard work.

At the time I wrote that essay, I was completely terrified to share such a personal, sad story in such a public way. But deep down, I knew that I wasn’t alone and that if my story could inspire others to speak out and share their own—it would be worth it.

Thank you to those of you who have read my work. I am touched, honored, and grateful.

8 Comments on “Thank You For Reading”

  1. I am so glad you changed obstetricians–the one your friends recommended did all the right things. I wish you well in your next pregnancy because you will be in better hands and know the questions to ask. I hope this new Year of the Ram will be a good one for you and Brendan.

  2. Hi Jenn,

    Just wanted to tell you how lovely your article was today. You touched so many women, and should be so proud of how you helped them.

    Hope that you and Brendan are doing well!


  3. I just read your article and am giving you a big virtual hug. I am so sorry the traumatic ordeal and for your loss. Thank you for speaking out about this. Healing and love to you!

  4. Jennifer after the 2nd ultrasound telling me nothing was there, I was bereft. My husband took the lead and found a genetic counselor who tested me. I have a balanced translocation (chromosome issue) that gives me a 35% chance of being able to take baby to term.
    We were determined and persevered through 4 more heart wrenching miscarriages. But after 12 stressful weeks and mulitpule sonograms and heart beat tests we made it past the danger zone! Jake was born perfectly !!!!
    I continued to have 2 more miscarriages between Jake and his brother Cameron who was also born healthy.
    I am now stopping to enjoy these beautiful boys I never thought I’d have.

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