Make Your Own Writer’s Retreat

This past weekend, I took three days to myself and created my own writing residence/meditative retreat. Last fall was a wonderful time professionally, but a tough time personally. At my husband’s encouragement, I decided to book a cute Airbnb in Santa Barbara with access to a private beach as a vacation by myself. I set an away message on my email. Took my favorite magazines and a book. I turned off my phone. I didn’t watch any TV.

Unlike my normal work week, I didn’t set a schedule. I walked to the beach. Saw seals sunning themselves. Ate prepared meals so I wouldn’t have to cook. Slept when I was tired.

And wrote all day. Did I mention the beach? For me, there’s nothing more relaxing than ocean waves, walking on sand, and seeing blue water.

Before I even booked the bungalow for the weekend, I hemmed and hawed about being selfish and spending money on this “vacation.” I’m not great about spending money on myself. But during the trip, I felt a huge sense of relief and calm. It was the first time in many months that I didn’t have to think about what anyone else wanted. If I wanted to spend three hours on the beach, I spent three hours on the beach.

When I first arrived at my bungalow, the owner asked me if anyone else was coming with me. “Nope, just me,” I said. And I needed that time. Before the trip, I felt easily frustrated, ready to snap, and got angry over little things. I realized that it was time to get away and relax.

Too often, I make excuses about why I shouldn’t spend money on myself. But honestly, this was money well spent.

If you’ve been dying to finish a creative project, I highly encourage you to book a room somewhere, unplug, and take a walk. You deserve it.

6 Comments on “Make Your Own Writer’s Retreat

  1. Loved your idea of your own writers’ retreat. I’ve done half-days and a whole day but never 3-days. It’s never too selfish for any person to do this as it makes them a much nicer person to live with afterwards! Oh boy, am planning mine now. . . . 😉

  2. It’s been awhile since I did this and your post has inspired me to research potential destinations for my next one. Some writer-friends make a retreat an annual event, I think biannual would be nice – especially if it’s just a one-night or two-night stay.

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