The Latest Awesome Vegan Products at Costco

My obsession with all things Costco will not stop. I really love discovering what new vegan products pop up in my local store. Though, I really wish they’d bring back the bulk box of Mary’s Gone Crackers. PRETTY PLEASE.

Here are my latest finds. Last time, I told you that I bought the Orgain Organic Protein Plant-Based Powder, which btw tastes great and is perfect post-workout. I add unsweetened vanilla almond milk, frozen cherries, and the powder—and it’s delicious. I’m stoked though to finally see Vega at Costco. I love Vega’s chocolate flavor, but it was pretty pricey (about $70 for the biggest jar). Now, this vanilla flavor is about $30. Yipee!

Here’s my absolute favorite find—Gardein’s Fishless Golden Filets. When Gardein debuted this product, I loved it from the moment I tried it. Brendan and I have made fish tacos and faux fish and chips with these bad boys. When I spotted the 20-pack at Costco, I distinctly remember yelping out loud. Because I’m that crazy vegan. Anyway, Costco also has Gardein Mandarin Orange Crispy Chick’n and for a hot minute the Sizzling Szechuan Beefless Strips (I haven’t seen them since).

Lastly, I snapped this pic for my lovely friend Elizabeth, who if she lived close to me, I would buy this giant pack for her and I think she could drink them all in one sitting and be the happiest person ever. I’m a fan of Svelte’s drinks, but unfortunately, I don’t drink coffee because it makes me a hyper active monster. Fingers crossed that they’ll debut the Spiced Chai next or the Banana Créme.

That’s it, but really, do you need more? And for anyone wanting to know how vegans get there protein, send them this way.

If you want even more reasons to ❤ Costco, check out these 11 ways that Costco rocks like paying a living wage and giving employees Thanksgiving and other holidays off.

What awesome vegan finds have you spotted at Costco lately? (And can you send them to me?)

2 Comments on “The Latest Awesome Vegan Products at Costco”

  1. Which Costco do you go to to find these products? I wish they had them in my area. I’m in San Francisco. You’d think they’d have more vegan products here, but alas I have been very disappointed with the minimal selection in our area. Thanks!

    • I’m in the East side of LA (I prefer not posting my exact location.) I used to live in the Bay Area and regularly shopped at the Costco in Richmond. One product that I miss from Costco in the Bay is Hodo Soy’s range of tofu, tofu nuggets, and yuba skin. If you happen to find that, I think it’s the best tofu I’ve ever eaten. I’m surprised that the SF location doesn’t have more vegan goodies!

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