Why I Won’t Write For Free

As a freelance writer, occasionally I get approached to write for free for “XYZ” site. Said site offers to include my Twitter handle and website link so, instead of payment, I get free “promotion.”

In the very beginning when I was building a portfolio of clips, I wrote a few articles for free. I get why some writers will offer their work for free when they are starting out. No judgements!

But for me, if a prominent website can afford a nice fancy site, they can afford to pay me for my work.

Writing, researching, interviewing sources, and rewriting is all work. It takes time and brain power. Just because writing is creative and fun doesn’t mean that I should just hand you my work for free. It’s not fair to me and the other writers who toil away at trying to make a living at this.

So in response to any publication who requests I write for zero dollars, I politely decline.

Liz Lemon says it best:

2 Comments on “Why I Won’t Write For Free

  1. Thank you for your comment on not writing for free. I’m in total agreement with you as I’ve been asked the same and am now firmly declining.

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