My Birthday Wish

Last November, I had to say goodbye to my friend, Bentley, after he had a terrible second bout of cancer. When I couldn’t sleep the night we made the decision to put him to sleep, Bentley rested on my chest, just like he always did when I was restless. The next day, he took one last swat at our brand new couch, so he was throughly Bentley to the end.

When he passed, my friends sent kind condolence emails and notes. One of my best friends made a donation to North Shore Animal League, where we first adopted Bentley. All of the gestures were touching, but I loved the thought that another cat could be saved in honor of Bentley.

This year, on my birthday, instead of more “stuff,” I’m asking friends and family to donate to one of these amazing charities or North Shore Animal League. I have plenty of things, so I’d rather that money go to someone who could use it whether that be a person or animal in need.

There are days that I miss my handsome best friend. He was a damn fine cat. But I’m sure he’s tearing the crap out of some nice couch in cat heaven, sleeping in a patch of sun and rolling in catnip. We miss you, Bentley!

I'd love to know what you think! Tell me in the comments below.

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