The Night I Said Yes To Kissing My Best Friend

In honor of my friend Lauren Gibaldi’s debut YA book — THE NIGHT WE SAID YES (COMING OUT JUNE 16, 2015) — I’m writing about the night I said yes to kissing to my best friend.

It was April 14, 2004. Brendan and I were in New Orleans for the first time. After a day of going on a boat tour of New Orleans and eating gumbo, we spent the night drinking hurricanes and dancing. He’s the best dance partner. At one point, he put his hand on my hip. I was totally frightened by this beyond-just-friends gesture, but at the same time, I had a huge crush on him and went with it. Later that night, after we left the club, we were alone. He leaned in and I looked up, and we kissed. Before this moment, I thought kissing my best friend would be awkward or weird, but instead it was the best kiss of my life. That night, I said yes to falling in love with the one guy I couldn’t imagine my life without.

What’s a night you said yes to something fun, sweet, crazy, or memorable? Share your stories with me in the comments!

Order a copy of Lauren’s book here. Follow her on Twitter @laurengibaldi for updates!

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