Behind the Scenes of My BuzzFeed Video

Back in January 2015, I wrote Why I Don’t Want My Miscarriage to Stay Secret, for BuzzFeed. The response was astounding. Hundreds of comments, tweets, Facebook messages later, I decided to try to put together a miscarriage anthology as a resource for the many women who experience pregnancy loss.

BuzzFeed Me

A few months after the essay was published, a BuzzFeed video producer asked if I wanted to turn my essay into a video for them, like these amazing videos: Fat Is Not a FeelingThis Is What It Feels Like To Be Depressed, and What It’s Like To Go Blind.

My first reaction was: NO.

I’m not an actor. I don’t want to be on YouTube. I’m not comfortable with this.

But a wise friend and my husband told me that I would be missing out on an opportunity to share my story with a larger audience, and help other women who might feel alone, ashamed, or scared.

So I did it. And here’s the final result.

Many thanks to my producer Steven Lim who was amazing to work with and who did an excellent job of turning a difficult topic into a visual story. Thanks to my friends Bernadette Guckin and Sarah Allyn Bauer for starring in the video and being so compassionate to take their time to be part of it. Thank you to Laura Beck and Brendan Hay for encouraging me to say YES when I was scared.

Thank YOU for watching.

For more info about the upcoming book, please click here.

7 Comments on “Behind the Scenes of My BuzzFeed Video”

  1. You are an amazing woman, Jennifer. A miscarriage definitely needs a grieving period and lots of loving support. I wish you and Brendan happy, successful future pregnancies–this will happen in it own time. . .

  2. Thank you so much for publishing this. I too had a miscarriage last fall…my doctor strongly advised against the D&C so I ended up waiting 3 months for my body to handle things naturally. 3 months of agonizing disappointment in myself that I was unable to nurture life the way I am biologically designed to. 3 months of torturous waiting, for something I had never wanted but desperately wanted to be able to move past.

    I guess I just wanted to thank you, because of this video I finally shared what I have been privately grieving for almost a year now. And it has started a very honest, open discussion on my facebook with people I love who have experienced the same thing. Thank you for helping me encourage other women to not feel ashamed of their miscarriages.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss, but I’m proud that you were able to share your loss with people who love you. You need support and care. Thank you for writing. And take good care of yourself.

  3. Hi Jenn,

    You are one of the bravest women that I know! Thanks to you and Brendan sharing this story- let alone making a video (which was probably difficult to do too)! I love you all’s love. Your story has helped a lot of women and will help a lot of women in future. I think it will help women to be at least a little easier on themselves in knowing it’s waaaaay more common then people think (especially now that pregnancy tests can detect pregnancies earlier and earlier) and it’s not their fault. Now that my friends are trying to have babies I see how common it is. If I ever have to go down that road (I have to find Mr. Right first 🙂 ), I think I’ll be much more prepared mentally knowing how common among women it is. Looking forward to your book!


    • Thanks so much, Charisse! I hope that by sharing my story, more women and their partners know that how common miscarriage is and it’s not their fault. I’ve read too many horrible stories from women who say that they blame themselves. It’s sadly part of the pregnancy journey. Thank you so much for watching and writing such a wonderful comment.

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