A Tribute to The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

Back when Brendan and I were dating in NYC in 2004, he worked at The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. He started as an NYU intern, got hired as a production assistant, then moved up to the writers’ assistant. While we were dating, I got to go to the show, meet the staff, and go to election parties. I’ll always remember the Gore v. Bush election night where we all sadly learned that we’d have another four years with Bush. A quiet came over the bar.

The less fun part were election years when The Daily Show did brilliant coverage, but meant that Brendan would leave for chunks at a time to cover the Democratic National Convention and the Republic National Convention. Or live tapings during important election nights when he’d come home at 1am (possibly later?).

Now, that Jon Stewart has left the show, there’s been a ton of articles about his 16-year reign. And one of those articles happened to have a screenshot with Brendan’s credit (thanks, Vulture!).

I’m so proud of Brendan’s involvement with this pivotal show. He wouldn’t be where he is today in his career without working at The Daily Show. He always had kind words about Jon, his first real boss outside of college.

It was amazing to watch Jon’s final show and see some of the staff that I met many years ago. He made the show what it is today, and I’m grateful I got to watch his rise from the sidelines.


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